I know that Korea have distinctly four seasons. But I think that todays Korea have only two seasons. Summer and Winter!! I think that spring and fall have gone away. I love spring and fall, but they have disappeared todays. I don’t like summer, because the sun is so strong that my skin is going black and I hate moisture. When I touched someone, the moisture make us be sticky. Please return the spring and fall!!


I am waiting summer vacation. During summer vacation, I will study toeic and exercise everyday. Todays I get tired of going to school, so I need a rest. I need to have my time. And I want to meet my high school friends. Anyway, I really wait summer vacation. I endure just 20 days.

I must write report until final-exam. I must write 4 report. But on Friday, I finished one report. The report is that I must read a book that I want and then I write feeling when I read a book. The book’s subject is ‘Pain and Spring time’. The book was really great to me. The writer would write for 20 ages.

On Thursday, I had a group project. It was meaningful time. I could talk woth senior and presented my opinion with my partners. My team partners had a great skill that I could finish my presentation very well. And my partners worked very hard together. I wanted to do team project again next time.

I like to watch a drama. Todays, I usually watch a drama, ‘Dream High’. It is really moving and impressive drama. And I like a actor, ‘Kim Su Hyun’. He is very handsome and my ideal type. So I watched a drama, ‘The moon that embraces the sun’. Also I listened music that a actor, ‘Kim Su Hyun’ song.

Today, I am going to write about smile face in this blog. When I have a long face, my feeling looked like sad. But, when I have smile face, my feeling looked like good. It is scientist fact. And scientists said that when we have positive mind, our feeling become good and our stress disappear.

In highschool, I didn’t write report. Because there was no homework. But, in university, there is homework that write report. It is very hard. Especially, when I write english report, it is very hard.Today, I write english report. Umm.. I think that I sleep at 3a.m today.