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It will be a last blog that I write in here. It may be helpful to increase my english skills. But sometimes it was hard to write 5 times for one week. Three times would be okay for everyone I think. I don’t know exactly amount of my blog writing, but it may be 60. It was meaningful time that I wrote my life in this blog. Bye~


Today, I bought lunch for my friends. I learned a toeic with them. When we had a test, we betted the score. If someone who get the lowest score, she(or he) should buy a lunch or dinner!! I had the lowest score on toeic test, so I should buy a lunch for them. Next time, I want to win this bet!

I like playing the piano. Today, I went to academy that teach the piano. I learned the song, ‘Summer’. The sound is really light. It is little difficult to play, because I should play this song fast. When my final test finished, I practice this song everyday.

My cultural studies is understanding of the earth. The next Wensday, I have a test that I must study this subject today. So I can’t go to the church today. In books, it explain about the landslide. I should know the difference between earth flow and debris flow and between mudflow and debris avalanche. The word ‘flow’ and ‘debris’ were confusing me. Oh my God!! Ha Ha…. I am really waiting the summer vacation!!! Ha Ha HA

Yesterday, I met foreigners. It was a team project that professor gave us. In this meeting, professor came with foreigneers. I met a professor,2 Russia exchange student, one South Africa middle school teacher, and American middle school teacher. At first, it was little awkward to talk with them, but it was meaningful time. It was first time that I met many foreigneers. We went to Dong Da Moon. I wanted to explain about the Dong Da Moon, but it was just second time that I visited the Dong Da Moon, so I couldn’t explain exactly about there. It was so sad thing. But good thing was I took a picture so much.

I must write the 4 reports until June 17th. Then finally, today I finished to write 4 reports. It was hard time to write the reports. But sometimes it was little fun. I must write two reports in English. When I wrote this, my head was confusing. I thought that it is suitable to write only two reports. I wished that the professor give small amount of homework next time.

Today, I write my future on this blog. I didn’t plan my future in detail, but I think my future approximately. At first, I work in Korea District Heating Corporation, when I am 24 year old. And I get married, when I am 30 year old. I want to have one baby. That is my future plan. Frankly speaking, I don’t know when I get married, but I want to marry after age 29. Ha Ha…