I took a subway to go my house. There were to many people that if I took a subway at Gang-nam Gu office station I couldn’t sit. So I went to Waongshiplee station, first station. When I sat down, old woman sat next to me. She asked “Where do you live?”. So I answered “I live in Young-Tong”. The old woman said “I live in Jook-jeon.”. And the subway departed, the old woman slept. When the subway arrived Bok-Jeong, she suddenly woke up and got off the subway. And she saw that it was Bok-Jeong station, she took the subway again. And she came to me and said “I live in Jook-Jeon!!!!!”. I was really embarrassed. She got off the subway too fast that I couldn’t tell her that it was Bok-Jeong station. Anyway she sat down next to me and slept again. So when the subway arrived Jook-Jeon, I wake up her. She said “Thank you”. Wow..It is really strange accident to me.