Today, I played with my friends in Lottle department store. The Lottle department store is located next to the Konkuk university. When we walked on the street, a bird flew near the street and it’s wing touched my friend’s hair. My friend, Jee Youn really hates birds. So she weared a tearful face and went to the public bathroom quickly. Then, she washed her hair. It was very funny situation. After Jee Youn dried her hair, we went to the Lottle department store for purpose of sightseeing. We want to buy sports shoes, but it is difficult to find the pretty shoes. So we gave up to buy that, then we went to the foodcourt to eat something. I ate orangeade, Jee Youn ate fishpaste, and Ji Yun ate hamburger. We went back our school at 4 p.m.. Because we had a class at 4:30. Today is very good time, so I want to play again with my friends.